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The use of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) along with a low calorie diet has become a major breakthrough in losing excess weight and stubborn body fat. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a peptide hormone produced during pregnancy by the placenta. HCG performs several important functions. It maintains progesterone production after week 12 of fetal development. HCG is believed to play an important role in providing a constant reservoir of nutrition and energy to the growing fetus. HCG is the hormone we assess with blood or urine testing.

In medicine, we use HCG (in much higher doses) in infertility with IVF cycles to stimulate the mother to make multiple follicles or eggs for harvesting. We also use it in men with testosterone supplementation protocols as it stimulates the testicles to make more testosterone and prevents testicular atrophy.

For this weight loss program you will be taking a dose that is a fraction of that required for fertility treatments. Your dose will be only enough to change your metabolism for weight loss. HCG Diet is a physician-supervised program that is completely safe and has been developed to help people not only lose weight initially, but also to keep it off.

Note: It’s crucial that patients follow the HCG diet under doctor supervision.

Did you know that there are three distinctive fats? Two is very important and one isn’t?

1.Structural fat: Gives our organs cushion in the body. This is healthy and essential.
2.Subcutaneous fat: This is our reserve fat that gives us energy and fuel. This is also healthy and essential.
3.Visceral fat: The unwanted fat that is not appealing to our body. This fat is very difficult to lose because it is only burned only in times of starvation and pregnancy.

HCG can help metabolize the stored body fat and release calories into the bloodstream, without burning the 2 essential healthy fats. A low calorie per day diet can be followed without experiencing the normal fatigue, weakness or hunger.


This is not a protracted, long-term program of diet pills, meal bars, shakes, pre-purchased meals or shots. Diet medications are stimulants and fraught with multiple side effects that are not consistent with a true wellness program. Our experience with the HCG Program confirms this to be a very safe and effective method for rapidly losing weight; from those especially hard to access areas, this approach carries a much greater likelihood of success in keeping that weight off. The HCG hormone allows your metabolism to stay very active while you eat the very-low-calorie diet. We would not recommend such a diet without the HCG hormone, but with the hormone you can burn through your excess fat, safely and comfortably. By following your HCG Program guide as closely, you can assure yourself of not only a remarkable weight loss but also a re-shaping of your body contour. In keeping that weight off, you will reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a host of other conditions. You are walking a path to long-term health, vibrant energy and beautiful aging.


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