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Juvederm Dermal Fillers

Juvederm Fillers/Lip Enhancement

What are fillers or dermal facial fillers?

Facial fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm are naturally occurring gels that are injected into the skin as a “filler” in order to add volume to aging skin, lips and to lift up wrinkles and folds. Most fillers consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin. Botox helps soften lines and creates a refreshed appearance by relaxing muscle movement. As we age, we begin to develop more wrinkles and creases around the eyes, forehead and mouth. This is often the result of a breakdown in collagen and elastin fibers beneath the facial surface.

What is a hyaluron pen treatment?

Hyaluron pen treatment is an innovation that penetrates hyaluronic acid fillers into the epidermis without needles or injections. Using pressure technology, the hyaluron pen introduces a hyaluronic acid formula into the area creating an instant lift, glow and enlargement. Very minimal pain, no needles, no injections. Although the hyaluronic Pen treatment is a relatively new treatment, it is completely safe. Containing smaller effects and a more superficial target area, there is no risk associated with the treatment. Additionally, the completely non-invasive nature of hyaluronic acid pen lifting offers you the opportunity of providing fuller lips, diminishes deep wrinkles and folds with minimal pain involved.

How long does it last?

The results are temporary and last approximately as long as injection fillers, about 6-12 months. The body will gradually and naturally absorb the particles. If results are undesirable, there is a solution provided to help naturally dissolve the particles.

Is it like botox?

No, it is not like botox. As one should know botox just temporarily cuts off the nerve signals to some muscles and thus limits the movements of those, achieving smoother skin as the wrinkles are now deepened by muscle movement. When it comes to Hyaluron Pen, it delivers very low viscosity, low elasticity filler into lips or facial skin. Two entirely different tools that can sometimes solve the same problem.



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