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Alle is a premiere patient rewards program created for you by Allergan, the makers of Botox. It allows you to receive points for treatments and purchasing of participating products that can be redeemed for future exclusive offers and discounts. Think of it as credit card miles for your anti-aging treatments.
What is Alle Rewards program?
Allē is an aesthetics loyalty program that rewards you for getting aesthetic treatments. Join today to start earning points on 50+ in-office products and treatments for savings on your favorite Allergan Aesthetics brands. Allē gives you more points and more rewards.
Is Alle free? How do I become a member?
Yes, it is free to join Allē! Please join Alle by clinking this link
What are points used for?
Consider points your currency in Allē—they can be used for savings and discounts on your favorite products and treatments by Allergan Aesthetics.
What treatments can I earn points from?

You can earn points on products and treatments in the Allergan Aesthetics portfolio, but that’s not all! You can also earn points on a wide range of products and treatments from other brands too. Yes, this means you can earn Allē points on microdermabrasion facials, laser hair removal, and more.
Points pocketed from other brands’ offerings can then be used exclusively on your favorite Allergan Aesthetics products and treatments. Click here to see what treatments can help you earn points

How do I use my points?
It’s up to you how you use your points! Some people like to use them as they go, while others like to store points in their Wallet to rack up bigger savings later. When you’re ready to use yours, simply ask your provider to apply your available points at checkout for instant savings on Allergan Aesthetic products and treatments.
How many points do I have to get discounts?
Your points can be redeemed in 100-point increments. Every 100 points = $10 in savings and you can apply as many points as you’d like, up to the total cost of your transaction.
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